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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our client testimonials showcase what our number one goal is. To ensure our clients have a successful transaction and achieve their real estate goals as smoothly as possible. Take a read through what some of our past client's have to say about our service and expertise. If you choose Focus Realty to work for you, you will soon join our hundreds of extremely satisfied clients!  

“I appreciated the constant support & their straight forwardness regarding any and all questions that I had throughout the transaction. They sold my home and helped me find a new home. They walked me through the entire process with patience and really listened to what I wanted in my now home. They are very adept at finding what you are looking for. I would absolutely recommend Matt and Zenita over other Realtors.” 

H.R. – Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Nolan had prompt service, questions were answered completely, & sold our home in two weeks for the asking price!! I would definitely recommend him!”

B.&L.D. - Valencia, CA – Seller

“It is great to work with someone who knows their stuff. Matt knows real estate and is very familiar with the current market. Matt’s knowledge and experience helped us buy a beautiful short sale home in a reasonable amount of time. He knew the process and how to work through it. He is a very caring person with integrity, professionalism and experience. Matt was wonderful to work with!”

J.&M.B. – Bend, OR - Buyer

“I am very happy with my service from Matt.  He is a great guy to work with, very personable, and he explained everything clearly.  This made for and easy and stress free sale.  I used Matt’s services to help buy and sell a home.  He is educated on current market conditions. You receive honest, accurate information on the current real estate market when you work with Matt.”

J.H. - Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Matt treated us like we were his only clients! He was accessible for our questions, concerns and for viewing properties. We appreciated his commitment to our process through the many offers we placed toward finding us a home. His excellent communication and negotiation skills allowed us to successfully buy a bank owned property. Matt is an awesome realtor.  He is experienced and knowledgeable about current housing market trends, attentive to client’s needs, diligent in helping client’s find a home plus he is respectful and provides service with a smile.”

P.&D.B. - Redmond, OR - Buyer

“I have worked with Matt on both sale and purchase transactions. I trust Matt and never hesitate to ask him any questions or advice. He is always looking out for what is best for my daughter and me. Matt is easily accessible, knowledgeable and proactive.”

G.B. – Redmond, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Matt and Zenita are professional and easy to work with. They took the time to care about us. I liked the teamwork. I was able to find a house quickly and it was a fast easy transaction thanks to Matt and Zenita.”

P.F. - Bend, OR - Buyer

“Matt is great! Matt always did his research on properties and would walk you through everything. If he is unsure about something he will find out before just telling you what you want to hear. He is very honest, personable and reliable.  He is great for a first time homebuyer. I recommend Matt. My whole family really respects him.”

A.C. - Terrebonne, OR - Buyer

“Thank you Matt, Zenita, and family for helping me accomplish the house build & sale.”

D.C., Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Focus Realty had the responsiveness and willingness to handle matters for an out of town homeowner. No pressure. They were willing to work with my timeline an needs and always responded to any questions I had. Good sense of the market. Also, just very nice people and a pleasure to talk to. I received a good price, a quick sale, and they kept the buyer engaged. They were able to get necessary repairs done efficiently and quickly and managed to tackle side issues in a way the got me the best result. I would recommend Matt and Nolan because I had an extremely positive experience.”

D.F. – Portland, OR - Seller

“If it wasn’t for Matt we would not have been able to sell our house.  He went the extra mile for us. Matt explains everything in detail. He is very thorough and he really went out of his way to help us sell. He did a great job!”

D.&T.G. - Bend, OR - Seller

“Focus Realty was quick to respond and communicated well thru the process. My offer was accepted by the seller. It was a practical recommendation to use my first name in the offer to make it more personal. I would recommend them, they were knowledgeable and when they were unsure of the answer did not guess, but got answers and got that info to me.”

J.B. – Bend, OR – Buyer

“They were very professional, knowledgeable in every aspect from the beginning to the end of finding a new home and sale of my old home. They are extremely personable and easy to work with. They always got back to me if I had a question within a reasonable time. They were very helpful in my transition to my new home. When asked, they gave me home remodeling references that I have been most satisfied with.  It has been over 15 years since my last real estate transaction and things and times have changed so it was a very nice to work with people that could and would take the time and have the patience to lead me through the sales. I would absolutely recommend Matt, Zenita, & Nolan. I had called other realtors and they did not seem too interested or acted like what I was looking for wasn't available. Focus Realty sold my old home quickly. They are the best…”

S.S. - Bend, OR - Seller

“Matt gave us thoughtful experienced advice, anticipating our needs with proactive choices on our behalf.  He was genuinely concerned with helping us, and didn’t just treat us like another customer.  Others would benefit from Matt’s knowledge, insight and his patience in taking time to explain things.”

T.H. - Bend, OR - Buyer

“Matt is easy to talk to, full of expertise and has great follow through. I could trust Matt to guide me in this endeavor. I was able to obtain my dream home! Even though my transaction was full of unexpected twists and turns, Matt was able to navigate to a successful end. I recommend Matt because he went above and beyond to provide excellent client service. I trust him, and with life’s biggest investment, that is the most important.”

B.A. – Bend, OR - Buyer

“Nolan was very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of buying a house and he was easy get in touch with if we had any questions.
 We benefited because Focus Realty took care of all the paperwork for us and we didn't have setbacks due to our lack of knowledge when it comes to buying a home.
 I would recommend them because they are great to work with, friendly, knowledgeable they're almost like family.”

J.K. – Bend, OR – Buyer

“We worked with Matt to purchase our new home. He was extremely knowledgeable about our home and the surrounding area, which was great for us as we were moving from out of state. Also, Matt was easy to talk was like we were talking with a friend. Another very positive comment regarding Matt relates to communication. Any time we called with questions he was willing and ready to talk with us...and we called quite often! The process was quite easy and we attribute that to Matt and not only his expertise, but also the other professionals he referred us to. Great team...great experience! Thank you!”

F.&K.H., Redmond, OR - Buyer

“Focus Realty stuck with us until the job was done! They helped us sort the options and advocated for what would best suit our specific needs.  Matt is resourceful.  When issues came up, he helped us problem solve. We were able to sell our property in a very reasonable time period, for a good price and purchase property without any complications. Matt’s marketing strategies in this technology age are right on target. They allowed us to achieve success in our current real estate market.” 

A.&N.R. - Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“We appreciated how thorough Matt & Nolan were in preparing us for the successful sale of property in Bend as well as the purchase of a new residence in Redmond. Matt & Nolan showed us properties in Eagle Crest and the newly expanding Redmond community. We received extremely accurate CMA pricing in the sale of our Bend home. This allowed our sale to go through quickly with a 98% return rate, which was incredible. We have worked with Focus Realty in multiple real estate
 transactions because they invest the time getting to really know their clients; they both listen, are honest, and truly want to match their clients needs with the best possible home outcome. Matt & Nolan are knowledgeable about multiple Central Oregon communities. Nolan's knowledge and use of technology helped present information digitally to potential buyers outside our area. Nolan took incredible photos which we believe led to the rapid sale of our Bend home.”

A.&N.R. - Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Matt thinks outside the box and is a very creative real estate broker.  He is very knowledgeable about the market in Bend and offers helpful advice on what will make your home sell.  His number one priority is the best interest of his clients.  Matt strongly suggested we spend a little money and spruce up the grounds of our property, and that bit of extra money paid off.  A buyer who had previously seen our property decided to raise their offer after a second viewing, as they were very impressed with the improvements.  It was a pleasure to work with Matt and I highly recommend him to anyone needing real estate assistance.  Matt has a very clear grasp of what the market is doing at all times.”

K.L. - Seal Rock, OR - Seller

“What I liked best in working with Matt was how he was flexible with his schedule to fit my time needs and was easy to get a hold of when I had questions.  Because of Matt’s experience, I got the best house that I could afford.  Matt did a good job.  I know a lot of guys who got into real estate when it was booming and are out now.  Matt wasn’t just riding the wave.   He has been doing this for a long time and has the experience that goes with it.”

K.C - Bend, OR – Buyer

“Matt clearly brings a sense of honesty and practicality to his work.  His knowledge base is impressive and broad.  He not only understands the local market but also has experience in construction and land use laws.  Matt’s skills as a negotiator and communicator, his persistence, and his understanding of the nuances of land use laws truly helped us finalize our deal.  I would recommend Matt because he has the important qualities of an exceptional realtor – good communicator, strong work ethic and a keen understanding of the local area and the parallel industries.”

J.G. – Eugene, OR - Seller

“Matt and Zenita were very professional throughout the six months that encompassed our real estate transaction. They were genuinely real, approachable and understanding as we reviewed each step of the short sale process with them. In a world where people are often referred to according to numbers/accounts/checklists, their demeanor and approach were very respectful, reassuring & refreshing! Matt and Zenita have complementary skills, expertise, and arenas of focus in both their professional and personal repertoires’ of knowledge and capabilities. They are an extremely competent, thorough, proactive team who demonstrate the highest degree of integrity, humility and diligence in their work. ”

W., Bend OR - Seller

“We like Focus Realty’s experience and availability. They showed us lots of choices so we could make an informed decision, particularly with our rentals. We would recommend them because they are very hands on and willing to go the extra mile to make the real estate process painless.”

D.&C., Bend, OR – Buyer

“I feel that Matt and Zenita compliment one another as a team and have what it takes to get the job done!  I would recommend Matt and Zenita because they truly care about who you are and what you are looking for. They seemed more like friends than just my realtors. They were aware of my situation plus my needs and desires. They were patient with me and after a two year search we found the right house for my daughter and I. ”

K.N. – Bend, OR - Buyer

“We liked working with Matt and Zenita because they were both very truthful and trust worthy.  They worked hard to keep our selling information updated and kept us aware of the market conditions. We appreciated the monthly reports and updates. And best of all, our house sold!” 

L.&C.M. - Anthem, AZ - Seller

“Many things I liked about Focus Realty. Most of our contact was with Nolan. I liked his patience with us. We started looking a year early and Nolan was always patient and listened to help figure out what we were looking for, even though we did not know our selves. The knowledge base was impressive. I asked a lot of questions, and they were always answered thoroughly and in depth. The knowledge of diversity of land and property we looked at was great. They were very knowledgeable about all the different areas we looked at as well and helped point out good considerations of each property and area we were looking at. They were very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and patient.
 Your referral of Tyrell Hobbs was great as well. She and her team were perfect. We were pleased with the inspector as well. Your "partners" were all good and thorough.”

G.&E.B. – Bend, OR – Buyer

“We appreciated the encouraging words and patience. We felt that we were able to talk openly and were not “pushed” into buying. Matt was able to point out quality issues with properties we saw that we would not have known. He was able to work closely with our lender and kept us informed at each state of the process. Our family LOVES our house.”

J.&E.S. – Bend, OR - Buyer

“We ended up with a wonderful home because of Matt and Zenita and their experience. We had been with a previous inexperienced part time realtor before Focus Realty and really felt like we were not getting any support or advice in helping us find the right home. We also were taking on the full responsibility of finding a home ourselves, we spent hours each day searching online and driving around. As soon as Matt and Zenita started working for us we immediately had a load taken off our shoulders. We knew that they were working hard and looking for us. It made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and less stressful. In negotiation they were helpful in guiding us to make the right decisions.” 

D.&B. M. - Bend, OR - Buyer

“Matt represented us for both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old one. He is knowledgeable, always available and very generous with his time. Matt is obviously experienced and his assistance certainly expedited our ability to purchase the home we wanted while selling the old one.  I would definitely recommend Focus Realty over other realtors.” 

J.V. - Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“The Lathrop’s were very professional and timely in getting back to us in all transactions!  They were on the same page as we were the whole time and were proactive in listing and selling our property. They did not make us feel as though we were last on their list. Their communication was excellent. Document signing was made easy with docu-sign. They were also up to speed on marketing outside the box. They were friendly and informed from start to finish & we would highly recommend them for your real estate transactions. Thank you!”

J., Redmond, OR - Seller

“Matt and Zenita are a great combination of many things above and beyond realtors. They are very educated in short sales and know how to mediate with financial institutions in order to make the pieces fall into place for a successful deal. In this uncertain economy, some may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of selling property they did not plan on selling. Matt and Zenita’s patience, attention to detail and persistence resulted in a successful short sale of our house in Bend. They make an incredible team and we feel fortunate to have referred to them through family friends. We appreciate all they have done.” 

K.&B.W. - Los Angeles, CA - Seller

“I would definitely recommend Matt and Zenita. It was one of the best experiences I have had with buying a home. They eased all my worries and were able to give great references when I needed help. Due to their qualifications in HUD transactions I was able to buy a HUD home at a great price. You two are great to work with ~ thank you!”

L.M. – Bend, OR - Buyer

“We were first time homebuyers and the Focus Team made every step of the process very smooth. They were proactive with providing information we might not otherwise have known. They made us feel important and that they were advocating for our interests every step of the way. We would recommend Focus Realty; Matt, Zenita & Nolan based on our experience. They would provide excellent service to all their clients.”

B.C., Bend, OR

“Our home sold very quickly and at a price that was higher than what another realtor had recommended.  Matt offered us a lot of practical suggestions for getting our house ready to show and provided us with the information we needed prior to the inspection. I believe Matt’s practice of being present at the appraisal was key. The photographs Matt took and the online listing he put together displayed the house extremely well and generated instant response from potential buyers. I appreciated Matt’s communication and accessibility. He was easy to reach and responded quickly to any questions.”

R.G. - Bend, OR - Seller

“Matt’s expertise and advice made us comfortable with the entire process of finding the right home.  He was very knowledgeable and patient with us during our pursuit.  We never felt pressured to settle for the first house we saw.  Matt’s professional and personal service makes you feel at ease.  We always felt like we were working with a friend.  Matt goes above and beyond and definitely recommend him and Focus Realty.”

H.&L.O. - Bend, OR - Buyer

“In my real estate transaction, Matt had an unending optimism that let me know he was going to do all he could to make the transaction “go” as planned.  His communication was excellent and I was confident that he was on top of things.  His energy was always geared toward making things happen.  My house sold based on his advice for pricing competitively in the market.  Matt also had the resources and suggestions to help overcome stumbling blocks on the sale of my house.  Matt knows his stuff and did a great job.  He helped me understand the market situations and is definitely willing to take the time to get it done right.”

M.S. - Bend, OR - Seller

“Thank you Matt for all of your time, energy, help, work, knowledge, and the sharing of your family. It's been a privilege to work with all of you. We feel so blessed and grateful for "all" of your help/work with our homes!”

J&L, Bend, OR – Seller & Buyer

“Matt and Zenita are true professionals and have the knowledge and understanding of today’s real estate market.  They are very positive and encouraging. I sold my house! Matt and Zenita helped me get my house into the condition where it would show its absolute best side so I could make the most profit possible. They looked at the house with a critical, objective point of view. They let me know exactly what need to be done and even helped me do it! I recommend Matt and Zenita because they are trustworthy, helpful, kind and a knowledgeable team.”

S.S. - Bend, OR - Seller

“Both Matt and Zenita were very helpful and easy to contact. They gave us great support and were able to short sale our house. We recommend them because they are very professional but personal. And they were both very knowledgeable and supportive in our situation.” 

J.&K.U. – Bend, OR - Seller

“Our home sold for an acceptable price in a tough market. Matt gave quick responses to our questions and kept us updated on showing activity. Matt is very competent and responsive to our concerns and needs. I was fully satisfied in his service to us.” 

J.M. - Salem, OR - Seller