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On August 21st 2017 Central Oregon will witness a once in a lifetime sight...a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse is when the moon, during its orbit around the earth, lines up directly with the sun and earth blocking the light from the sun. A total solar eclipse happens every 375 years making it the rarest type of solar eclipse. Billions of people from around the world will be able to see it but only those in the path of totality will be able to see the moon completely blocking the sun. The path of totality cuts through portions of 14 U.S. States...Oregon being one of them. More specifically, Madras Oregon is one of nine cities in the U.S. that is in the path of totality. The solar eclipse viewing from Madras and all of Central Oregon will bring

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SHARC Pool at Sunriver

Central Oregon is known for being very family and kid friendly. The opportunities for recreation and activities are endless. Here is a list of many of the various activities available to kids and their families in Central Oregon. No matter what the season or weather, there is something for everyone here.   

High Desert MuseumBEND:

Art Station- Art classes for kids, adults & families alike located at The Old Mill.  

Bearings Skateboard Academy- Indoor skateboard facility for kids & adults.

BEAT Theater- Local children’s theater for classes & show info.  

Bend Escape Room- Puzzles & riddles are obstacles for families to escape the room.

Bend Rock Gym- Indoor rock gym is great for kids and first time rock climbers as well as experienced climbers.


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If you are thinking about moving or vacationing at Eagle Crest it’s important to think about the neighborhood you want to stay in. If you want to be closer to the Ridge golf course or perhaps you want to be within walking distance of the splash park. It's a good idea to have an insider’s look at what neighborhood will work best or you.

Forest Greens in a neighborhood located in Eagle Crest on the Ridge side lining the streets of Golden Pheasant Drive and Golden Pheasant Court. All of the homes in Forest Greens are townhomes ranging from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedroom units. They are an average of 1500 sqft and built in the late 90s. Some units have hot tubs, patios furniture and a BBQ but all units have a large living room, open kitchen and dining area.

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Julina Park is located in Southwest Redmond Oregon. This neighborhood has 76 home sites with developed and undeveloped lots. There are currently 8 homes for sale in Julina Park price ranging from $250,000-$290,000 and the average square foot ranging from 1,500-2,150. All homes have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms more than half of the homes for sale were built in 2015/2016 and are single & double story homes. 

Julina Park is located in an ideal part of town being only 0.5 miles away from Nolan Town Center that has various restaurants and a grocery store. American Legion Park is 0.4 miles away from Julian Park neighborhood.American Legion Park has a Redmond Amphitheater where free concerts are performed in the summer. There are picnic

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Track Town U.S.A to most track and field athletes is the pinnacle place of their sport. The Historic Hayward Field at The University Of Oregon has graced the biggest names in history. It has laid a foundation for the sport that has an impact even to this day. Track Town was the birthplace of many Olympians and even Nike the athletic shoe & clothing company. Nike's founders were Bill Bowman UOF Track & Field Coach and Phil Knight. This partnership created the modern running shoe and since then continues to build the biggest athletic clothing company in the world. With the 2016 RIO Olympic games it only seemed fitting for Track Town U.S.A to host the 2016 U.S. Track & Field Olympic Trials. 

The trials took place on July 1-10th 2016 at Historic

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For many people finding the right Christmas tree is only the beginning of getting in the holiday spirit. This year my husband and I went out and cut our own Christmas tree in the Deschutes National Forest for the first time. We had such a great time we made a day out of it. The weather was beautiful the day we went to get our tree with blue skies and white snow caped Cascade Mountains. The Forest Service allows individuals to buy a tree-cutting permit each year for their Christmas tree. 

Tree cutting permits are $5.00 per tree. There are many different trees to choose from but the most popular are the White fir, Douglas fir, Incense Cedar, Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pines. The Forest Service provides advice as where to find these different kinds of

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   As long as I can remember Bend Oregon is one of the greatest places to be during the holidays. We have the best weather during the fall and in the winter we can almost always expect snow. There are so many wonderful events and traditions in Bend that we have complied a few of them together in this blog just for you. We hope you get out and enjoy the holidays with family and friends at one or more of these events.                                                                                                                                  

   Santa Arrives Via Helicopter at the Old Mill District on Friday Nov. 27th at 10:00am. This event will be unlike most visits from Santa. After the big man arrives he will be greeting kids until he is

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One of my favorite things to do in Redmond Oregon during the winter is to grab my ice skates and head to the ice skating rink. Redmond's outdoor skating rink is located in the heart of downtown. Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to the holidays and with so many events and activities in Redmond its hard not to find something to do with family and friends in November & December. 

RandomStarting with the Redmond Ice Skating Rink opening November 20th. Skaters who own their own skates can skate for free on Mon-Thurs 10:00am-1:30pm, Fri & Sat from 10:00am-12:30pm. Skate times for a fee are Mon-Thurs 3:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 2:00pm-9:00pm and Sun from 2:00pm-9:00pm. If you have to rent skates it's a $4.00 fee and if you have your own skates it is a

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If you have ever been to Central Oregon you would know that events are very common here. We love getting together for just about anything as long as it involves a micro-brew, good food and the outdoors. This blog lists just a few of the main events for the month of May in both Bend and Redmond Oregon.

Annual Spring Paddlefest:

May 2nd 2015. Riverbend Park. 10:00am-4:00pm

Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe, a local Bend company, is having their annual Spring Paddlefest. It’s an event where representatives of canoe, kayak and paddle boarding companies allow demos of new models right on the Deschutes River. I am looking forward to this event myself because I love water sports! And after trying paddle boarding at Elk Lake last year I have been really

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Hollinshead Park is located on the east side of Bend Oregon. It has been a part of the Bend Parks Department for the past 30 years but its history started long before that.

Hollinshead originally was a homestead back when irrigation water first started flowing through Central Oregon in 1908. Lily and Dean Hollinshead bought the farm in 1939. The Hollinshead’s worked the land with sharecrop owners Virginia and Jim Matson who lived on the farm and raised their family there until 1949.

The Matson’s worked the farm planting all kinds of crops even alfalfa and potatoes. They raised the dairy herd, cattle and even hogs! The homestead house located on the Hollinshead property is where the Matson’s lived. And in 1990 Rosegarth Matson daughter of Jim and

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